Ray is a professional business consultant with over 20 years’ experience in United Arab Emirates and Australia.

He has vast knowledge in sales, marketing, acquisitions syndications, franchising and real estate.

High number of business contacts and network provide the ability to source buyers for any type of product within Australia and middle East and North Africa.

Ray is a leader and results driven manager with special skills  in managing people , He connects  resources, and finances , while meetings goals and achieving success in sales and marketing, including market research, planning, advertising, promotion for any type of product.

Negotiation is Ray’s specialty

If you are proposing to buy or sell a business, you need a skilled negotiator on your side.
Although Ray has the technical knowledge across the industry and well known to be talented negotiators. As a former senior sales executives, he knows what it takes to get optimum results for his clients. He is calm and confident throughout the negotiation process – without ever compromising your strategic position or integrity.

A record of accomplishment you can rely on

Since 2005, the team Ray Aryan & Associates has represented corporates and individuals in over $400 million worth of acquisitions, divestments and mergers. He is currently representing transactions with a total combined value in excess of $80 million. Ray collaborated with tens of local and global companies – and linked many overseas investors with lucrative local opportunities.

Ray accomplishment has been consistent throughout all economic conditions and transcends all industry sectors.

Ray invest time and undrestand clients position, objectives and options. In addition, because the world of acquisitions and divestments is complex, he always communicate simply and without the jargon.

A strong and extensive network

Whether you are looking to divest or acquire, you will benefit from our strong local and global network. Ray can put your business in front of the right people at the right time if you wish to sell. He is aware of opportunities not on the public market if you are looking to buy.

He can also connect you with our network of trusted industry professionals including accountants, lawyers, real estate agents and property developers, Industry specialists.

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Integrity at every turn

When you choose Ray,  you are choosing a Professional honest, ethical and upfront person.   He knows that any advice he provides give reflects directly on your success and integrity. Moreover, he always take your privacy and confidentiality seriously.

Ray also go to great lengths to ensure your opportunity is robust and that the business case stacks up. After all, we only succeed if you do.

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If you are looking to buy or sell a business, contact Ray Aryan & Associates today.

Our Services

Clients Have Relied on Our Expertise for Over 20 Years

Business Acquisitions

Whether you already have a business in mind or you are at square one, Ray Aryan can help with.

  • Market Research

  • Market analysis

  • Business structure

  • Business plan

  • Business forecast

  • Business formation and legal structure

Specializing in transactions from $1m, you will benefit from Ray’s sound industry knowledge and extensive network. Ray finds or set up a businesses to suit your requirements – even those that are not formally ‘on the market’.

Ray can manage the acquisition process for you from start to finish, from search and selection to negotiation, proprietor documentation and settlement.

Business Divestments

If you are looking to sell your business with confidence, Ray is the smart choice. Ray works on your behalf to secure the best price and the most favorable contract terms possible.

Ray can prepare Market reserach business startegy and business plan and set up realistic target while presenting your business to Local and International network of high net worth individuals and investors. In particular, Ray is connected to group of Chinese and Indian nationals seeking offshore investments or business acquisitions to support their Australian residency.

Off Market Projects

Ray clients often prefer that their projects are not advertised or listed for sale, for confidential and other reasons.

Ray currently handling over 70 such off-market projects including:

  • Residential and Commercial Development Opportunities.
  • Existing Commercial Property – Accommodation hotels, commercial office blocks & shopping centers.
  • Larger Businesses – Typically more than $1 million per annum.
  • Agricultural – Typically more than $5 million in price and 7+%
    Projects typically range from $2 million to $300+ million in value

Contact today, Ray Aryan & Associates dedicated team will be pleased to discuss your strategic acquisition or divestment with you.

Capital Raising

Are you looking to expand your business, reduce debt, pursue a new venture or search for an exciting market opportunity?
With access to a global equity network, Ray Aryan and Associates can help raise the funds you need to achieve your goal. Ray Aryan and Associates will raise capital for public and private companies across all sectors, offering invaluable expertise at each stage of the transaction.

Business Valuations

Ray Aryan and Associates are more than  capable to perform a formal valuation of your existing or prospective business.
With access to an up-to-the-minute database of businesses sold by industry and location, Ray Aryan and Associates apply a robust methodology to every business we value. We also perform all types of valuations to match your needs and budget.

Business Immigration

Are you looking to buy a business and immigrate to Australia?

If so, Ray Aryan and Associates can search for business opportunities, manage the transaction, prepare your business plan and organize your visa. Our consultants speak your language and specialize in business immigration transactions.

If you are looking for a trusted professional to guide you through an important transaction, contact Ray Aryan & Associates today.

Property Consultation

Ray Aryan & Associates are accredited and experienced property consultants. This means total peace of mind.

• Joint property ventures: Ray facilitate joint ventures between property developers and overseas investors.

• Property purchases: Ray offer a complete property buyers’ agency service from sourcing properties and approaching vendors to negotiation and settlement.

• Construction funding: Ray has access to over $200 Million of private funding which may be a good alternative to bank lending.

• Site Amalgamation: Ray currently assist various builder / developer group with amalgamating sites. Site amalgamation is changing the state of markets both residential and commercial. Can he assist you in your next project?


As part of the business acquisition or property development process, you need a flexible finance plan that can accommodate a range of strategies.

With access to licensed finance specialists, Ray can help you:

• Source a range of finance products to consider.

• Understand your borrowing capacity.

• Manage your loan application

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